Indoor Ethernet Gateway

Basic entry level solution
with powerful Quad Core Intel ATOM


The AAEON Ethernet Gateway is a basic edge computing solution powered by an Intel Quad Core ATOM processor.
It offers Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and USB ports for data collecting and it is easy expandable towards wireless protocols, like Bluetooth, WiFi and LPWAN IQRF.

LoRa Gateway & Network Server

Indoor Industrial LoRa® Certified Gateway and Network Server

The AAEON Industrial Indoor LoRa® Gateway and Network Server is certified 868MHz solution, 8 channels, powered by Intel ATOM Quad Core processor and the IMST LoRa® concentrator iC880A (SX1301 processor).
It provides Gigabit Ethernet, multiple USB ports and video output and the option to add WiFi and Bluetooth.

Outdoor Industrial Gateway

IP68 Rugged Industrial Gateway
for outdoor applications

IP gateway

AAEON IP68 rugged gateway is designed for any outdoor application.
A powerful Quad Core Intel Apollo Lake ATOM offers high computing capabilities, while its inner structure gives potential expandability towards multiple radio protocols, like 3G/4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee or LPWAN IQRF and LoRa® that enables low power sensors connectivity.
The rich IOs availability ranges from USB to Serial ports and it can include by option also the PoE support.

Automation 3G Gateway

Industrial automation IoT Gateway
with 3G, Serial Port and Analog I/O

This Industrial IoT gateway is aimed to help the transition from legacy to connected automation.
Thanks to its powerful processor and reach I/O set which includes 3G cellular connectivity, 2 Serial ports RS-232/422/485, Analog and Digital IOs, USB and Gigabit Ethernet, this gateway helps to retrofit existing machinery and automation solutions.

Industrial IoT Starter Kits

Easily and quickly create your Proof-of-Concept

IQRF Starter Kit

Start your IoT development with gateway, sensors, software and cloud ready package.


EnOcean Starter Kit

Complete development kit for EnOcean smart home solutions

Enocean starter

LoRa® Starter Kit

Start today building your LoRa® network and collecting data from sensors


3G Starter Kit

Start today building your 3G gateway solution

Wireless technologies supported

AAEON: Leading the IoT era

Aaeon information about IOT products

UP is a platform designed for makers who intend to quickly UPscale their prototyped ideas into mass produced solutions. Building on some of the best capabilities of existing maker boards in the market today, UP bridges the gap between the world of prototypes and the world of high-grade mass-produced embedded systems solutions.
Designed to embrace as many software developer communities as possible UP supports Ubilinux ( a customized Debian distribution ), Yocto, Ubuntu, Phoenix OS, Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

IQRF is a platform for low power, low speed and low data volume wireless connectivity ranging tens and hundreds of meters (up to several kilometers in special cases or in networks) e.g. for telemetry, industrial control and automation of buildings and cities (street lights, parking etc.). It can be used with any electronic equipment, whenever there is a need of wireless transfer, e.g. remote control, monitoring of remotely acquired data or connection of more devices to a wireless network.

LoRaWAN® is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification intended for wireless, battery operated Things in a regional, national or global network. LoRaWAN® target key requirements of Internet of Things such as secure bi-directional communication, mobility and localization services. This standard will provide seamless interoperability among smart Things without the need of complex local installations and gives back the freedom to the user, developer and businesses, enabling the roll out of Internet of Things.

Intel® Reference Design for Intelligent Vending is a scalable and flexible solution that quickly and cost-effectively adds intelligence to vending machines by enabling them to connect to the internet, allowing brands and operators to take advantage of new business opportunities, cloud services and data analytics.
It includes a VMI hardware reference board design and application programming interfaces (APIs) used by application software to more easily access typical machine peripherals (e.g., coin dispenser, refrigeration). This comprehensive reference design is intended to significantly reduce the time to market for intelligent vending machines.

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