The next generation of IoT monitoring and smart building controls

IA Connects is a solution provider active in the building automation, that creates solutions to bring new technologies into a quite crowded sector.
They based their new MOBIUS solution on our UP Squared Edge gateway line which, for such case, integrates WiFi, 4G and EnOcean radios.
They could leverage another one of our partnerships, beyond INTEL and EnOcean: with ARKESSA platform they can offer managed and secure long back-haul connectivity to their customers. The offering is completed by a dedicated software suite (MOBIUS FLOW) and by a dedicated control unit.

MobiusFlow enabled gateway allows connectivity and control of wired and wireless devices to be provisioned via a 3G / 4G managed mobile data service. The gateway has an onboard CPU and MobiusFlow configuration software. The modem also has an EnOcean transceiver and Ethernet connectivity allowing the direct connection of either EnOcean sensors / actuators or any other controller via the Ethernet port to the Cloud.

The MobiusFlow configuration software not only provides system configuration but also has NodeRed fully integrated allowing logic control and connectivity to other devices and protocols.

ia‘s gateway along with MobiusFlow enables smart buildings and smart factories

Gateway Connectivity

The gateway utilises the Arkessa managed M2M mobile data service. This provides secure, network independent, multi-national managed Cloud connectivity. An onboard EnOcean transceiver connects any EnOcean standard sensor or actuator.

Read more about this solution here.

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