Industry 4.0 over LoRa on the edge

Partnered with TOI (Things On Internet) & ResIOT, we provide a ready, expandable, and implementable solution for a LoRaWAN private network environment.

The IIoT Edge LoRaWAN edge compute & network server powered by Intel ATOM Quad core CPU, comes with ResIOT LoRaWAN on-premises platform which allows the Edge Node TOI 4Zerobox, which is able to retrofit existing machineries with multiple sensors.

UP LoRa Edge Compute is fully configured for ResIOT, an advanced development environment. It provides management tools and real-time dashbaord. It provides simultaneous and persistent connections with multiple connectors: MQTT Brokers client or server, Websockets, http pusher client or server, Sigfox™ backend and other network servers like TTN The Things Network

4ZeroBox is an easy to configure and easy to program modular hardware electronic unit: it is perfectly suited for data acquisition and processing from existing systems and is fully compatible with hundreds of standard sensors. You can digitalize existing industrial assets without installing a PLC! It allows:

IoT enabling an existing machine to have a distributed sensors network into the plant operations and acquire valuable information, thus bypassing an obsolete PLC; 
Seamless Integration with enterprise software infrastructures further extending the value of a ready to deploy toolkit.
4zerobox is ideal for applications in Manufacturing, Smart Retail, Logistics, Home Automation, Smart Cities and all market sectors where IoT is a core capability.

LoRa click is a LoRa® RF technology based SRD transceiver, which operates at a sub-gigahertz frequency of 433/868MHz. This click board™ features an embedded LoRaWAN™ Class A compliant stack, providing a long-range spread spectrum communication, with high interference immunity. The LoRa module used on this Click board™ is fully certified LoRa Sub-GHz, 433/868 MHz European R&TTE directive assessed radio modem, which combined with the advanced and simple command interface, allows for an easy integration into the final application

LoRa click board embeds LoRaWAN™ Class A protocol stack

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