The plug&play LoRaWAN solution for monitoring

IoT in a Box™ platform now includes AAEON Technology LoRaWAN™ Edge gateways.

IoT in a Box™ by myDevices is the world’s leader in turnkey, fully automated remote monitoring solutions for a variety of vertical markets.
The real-time, sensor-driven solutions enable users to effortlessly protect commercial refrigeration and commercial facility assets around the clock, substantially improving product quality, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.
Solutions integrate a LoRaWAN™ cellular or ethernet gateway with efficient sensors and an iOS/Android mobile application to meet a wide variety of monitoring challenges. Additional sensors for pest control, motion detection, opened and closed doors, carbon dioxide, and hundreds of other problems are available to enhance any solution.

IoT in a Box delivers substantial time and money savings that set the industry standard.

What’s inside the magic box

The AAEON Indoor LoRaWAN™ certified edge gateway & network server AIOT-ILRA01 offers a great computational power into a 5Watt Intel ATOM® processor. The x86 platform allows flexible development environment and put no constraints to installation of development components; moreover it enables the possibility of running concurrent tasks to the ones dedicated to LoRaWAN™ operations, making real the concept of edge multi-service gateway. The I/O interfaces (HDMI, USB, USB OTG) ensure an easy startup and debug, while the GbLAN port and the optional WiFi and Bluetooth offer a complete connectivity. The 8-channel industrial radio, based on IMST solution, guarantee the full compatibility with the standards and the connectivity with LoRaWAN™ end devices.

The IoT in a Box™ platform: how it works

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