The complete solution for your private LoRaWAN™ network

  • AAEON Technology Europe created with ResIOT an industrial solution to serve your LPWAN LoRaWAN™ based projects.
  • Regardless the size of your installation, we can provide you a reliable and professional solution from data gathering and ingestion up to device management, data analysis and visualization.
  • We created a scalable product that comes with pre-configured modes cloud-based projects or on-premise cases.
  • You can buy the solution kit here and you will get a ready debug-less platform fully documented.
  • ResIOT platform can be used free of charge
  • up to 15 Devices and 1 LoRaWAN™ Gateway into Cloud mode or up to 5 Devices and 1 LoRaWAN™ Gateway & Network Server into on premise mode.

The AAEON Indoor LoRaWAN™ certified edge gateway & network server AIOT-ILRA01 offers a great computational power into a 5Watt Intel ATOM® processor. The x86 platform allows flexible development environment and put no constraints to installation of development components; moreover it enables the possibility of running concurrent tasks to the ones dedicated to LoRaWAN™ operations, making real the concept of edge multi-service gateway. The I/O interfaces (HDMI, USB, USB OTG) ensure an easy startup and debug, while the GbLAN port and the optional WiFi and Bluetooth offer a complete connectivity. The 8-channel industrial radio, based on IMST solution, guarantee the full compatibility with the standards and the connectivity with LoRaWAN™ end devices.

ResIOT is The world first platform for professional LoRaWAN™/LPWAN Networks and IoT Projects for Smart City or Industry 4.0. Cost-effective High availability and scalability. It is the IoT Platform that provides all the necessary software to manage networks with millions of devices but also to manage small private network.

It is composed by an Application/Automation/Data adapters Server that is the heart of the platform, manages all configured data, maintains the link with all ResIOT™ LoRaWan™ Network Servers and all other connectors, provides a web interface for configuration but also for the creation of IoT projects, manages the data automation, data store in the database and many other features. The LoRaWAN™ Network Server manages all the features of the LoRaWAN™ network, such as node authentication, encryption key maintenance, uplink management and downlink transmission through all the base stations / gateways of the LPWAN network. The LoRaWAN™ Base Station/Gateway Server is the main component for connection to all the LoRaWAN™ Base Station / Gateway of the network. Allows the receipt and transmission of all data from the LoRaWAN™ devices and collects the monitoring data of each Base Station / Gateway. ResIOT™ LoRaWAN Base Station / Gateway Server communicates with ResIOT™ LoRaWan Network Server and ResIOT™ IoT Application / Automation / Data adapters Server with MQTT protocol. The LoRaWAN™ Base Station/Gateway Packet forwarder is the component that is installed on the Base Station / Gateway. It allows the management of the LoRa radio cards, takes care of the transmission and reception of all data and communicates constantly with the ResIOT™ component LoRaWAN™ Base Station / Gateway Server. Available for AAEON and other brands gateways. It also allows to remotely configure data such as gain antenna, frequencies, server connection parameters, etcc.
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