Which Radio Frequency Technology best suits my needs?

Industrial Internet of Things was a concept which is now under fast implementation and when real problems must be solved, choices about how to implement the new elements of an incoming technology must be taken.

Every element of the chain we place will have an impact on the success of our solution and can condition it for many years.
Unfortunately, into IoT spectrum, not being driven by a single regulation, it’s possible to achieve the same target with different products, solutions (HW and SW) and technologies.

IoT means connectivity and recently IoT + connectivity ends-up into LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks); it’s all about streamlining the power consumption and reducing the cost of the connection, encapsulating data into a secure layer.
It’s some year we listen about new disruptive LPWAN technologies, but until now it appears not exist a real leader especially for sub-GHz solutions with medium/long range capability.
Frequently the best RF solution is the easiest and fastest applicable one (time is money!) or it’s the one integrators and designers like more for a specific application.

At present, as Industrial IoT gateways manufacturer, AAEON is taking part to LoRa® Alliance and IQRF Alliance and continuing to offer classic wireless solutions over WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave and cellular protocols like 2G, 3G and LTE.

Here below we want to share a pondered comparison among the various LPWAN technologies we met evaluating real projects.



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